atelier by the sea

Waldorf inspired dolls made slowly in northern Spain
Welcome to Atelier by the Sea.
This is a place to learn about Waldorf dolls and to discover my own creations.
I create while I mother and hence my progress is slow. These dolls are made with care and scarcely, but every now and then I manage to make some available in my shop. If you are hoping to learn how to make your own doll, I will soon start releasing tutorials and guides to help you.
What is special about Atelier by the Sea dolls?
I strive to make my dolls as genderless and timeless as possible. Their clothes are made using neutral colours and natural fabrics, and the child always has the freedom to decide if the doll is a boy, a girl or none of those. To read more about the unique traits of Waldorf dolls, visit the link below.
about Waldorf dolls
The importance for dolls to be made in a wide variety of skin colours is obvious. I believe all children should be able to see themselves reflected on their dolls and their toys should reflect the diversity of our world.
I use natural fibers like wool, linen and cotton to make both the dolls and their clothes, but also their accessories.
My designs are simple and minimalistic, which allows the child's imagination to thrive. You can read more about the materials I use by clicking on the button below.
In my blog, you'll find tutorials for simple dolls, crafts and seasonal table figures as well as information about Waldorf pedagogics and the way we integrate some aspects of it in our home. 
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